The Day After

So, today I wake up with still the feeling of wowness!  I saw the eclipse of something beyond my belief, I have had multiple thoughts and emotions going through me and I will try to explain it all here.  I will bounce around and throw it all out there, and for that I apologize in advance.

When I got up this morning I was so surprised at how little this seemed to effect anyone but me.  I have known of this barbarian, but really what can one do?  Oprah brought it out in the open years ago, and what could she do to stop it?  I think we all feel like that.  I want to make a difference, but I don’t know how, I don’t know how to be significant enough, what can one thing do?  At church we are doing a study, based on the book,  “A Hole in our Gospel”, by Richard Stearns.  The title points to a man who cut out 2,500 verses in the Bible about wealth and poverty, and how we seemingly turn a blind eye to what God wants from each and everyone of us.  It easily explains why God has not taken away poverty, hunger, thirst.  God has given us all the resources to end all of that.  We are why there is poverty, hunger and thirst.    Richard Stearns is the president of World Vision.  His story of how he came to be there, is not unlike anybody else’s story of answering God’s call.  The angst of letting go of all that we think is important and jumping head into the unknown.  What is different is that he said yes, when so many of us say no. Or more often, will not even ask the question.  In this book, Stearns tells the stories of Ugandan youth, and all that they have to endure to stay alive, keep from being captured and enslaved.  So, all that Kony 2012 and Jacob, and Mr Stearns and even Oprah says, I believe to be true.  And like Gavin, I am sad.

So what now?  Let us open the doors for the critics.  I never expected such criticism from so many people about this.  They attacked these people for bringing this to the forefront of our world and all they can do is chastise them for financials?  A pastor once stated in a sermon that those who criticize, usually do so because they are lacking in that said area.  If the criticism is constructive, or comes from a place of love, than it is to enhance and better the individual or group, but if it is criticism for the sake of it, then it comes from one’s own shortcomings.  One thing that was said in the video that struck me so deeply was the fact that the US government would not intervene because of lack of foreign investment, ie: no money interest.  That is in and of itself what is wrong with our country.  We will disrupt for our bottom line, but not for the life of the bottom.  This is not a governmental issue, none of the atrocities committed are, they are a moral issue.  The group was criticized for using the likeness of Osama Bin Laden and Hitler to compare this monster to.  How is this guy any less of a monster than the others?  Is not the life of children and women important enough?  When children are forced to kill their parents, other children, rape, maim?  At what point does he no longer be a man but get to become a monster?  Not standing up against evil is an act of evil itself.

A video made by a pastor in Colorado was streamed one Sunday and the message was this:  If you see a child in your yard, cold and starving, you help him.  If you see a child cold and hungry 3 houses down, you stop and help her.  You see a child cold and hungry on the corner of your street, 3 blocks away, the main 4 corners, you get it…how far away does the child have to be before you stop caring?  And what if that child was yours, lost, cold and hungry, needing help?  God sees every child in this world as His own.  We should be looking at every human being like they have the face of God’s son Jesus.  Not a small task.

So back to the beginning.  How can I do anything that will be effectual?  They said it on their video.  Time, treasures and talents.  No treasure?  No big deal, most of us don’t.  Talents?  Use what God has given you.  Whatever your passion is, your gifts, your pleasures, you were created with them for a reason, use them.  Time?  One thing we never have seem to have enough of, but if you use your talents and passions, the time will be more readily given.  Oprah once said, “if you were to die today, you would have served your purpose.”  What do you want your purpose to be?

We really don’t know true evil the way these people do, or do we?  Do we think our armies can just take care of the bad guys and the evil is gone?  The evil of our culture is greed, manipulation, indifference, being too comfortable.  The evil of their culture is raw and dark and filled with hate.  One lit match in our jaded eyes will burn out rapidly, but one lit match in the darkness of their lives is a light of hope.  So whether one chooses to donate, aid in any way to the Kony cause is up to you.  I can only imagine if everyone lit one small match, wherever you are and for whoever God puts forth to you, how much light and hope we could bring to the world.  My favorite quote from the video was this: “A better world is coming, its just waiting for us to stop at nothing.”  So, what is stopping us?





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