Kensington Community Church, Lake Orion, where we are attending church is basically having their own Extreme Home Makeover, sans Ty Pennington.  They selected a family and began to build.  On Saturday, our family went out to help assist in the community serve portion.  Meaning we cleared lots, raked, dug, removed junk, and more junk and more junk.  The house is in Pontiac.  Right by the park where they have a free bbq for the neighborhood every third Saturday of each month.  I’ve blogged about that already.  So, yesterday, later in the afternoon, I drove by to see where they were in the building process.  I’ll be driving by each day to photograph the progress and to help if needed.  here is Sunday:

Stay tuned!

Down the Toilet.

Ahhh… sometimes when you get a theme, such as this past weeks, you have fantastical ideas of shots that are worthy of National Geographic or Life magazine.  And then, life takes over.   I am getting ready to go look for a new washing machine and the handyman just left from fixing my toilet.  Now if I can find a reasonable place to get my brakes fixed…..



I was in Pontiac doing some networking, because that’s how I roll, on Saturday.  The theme “Neighbors” had not escaped me, but I figured I’d throw the quintessential picture of a bird in a neighbors yard or something along those lines, as I rarely ever actually see my neighbors.  While parked, I looked over and noticed these two homes, across the street from a park, where people once lived, as neighbors.




Treasure Hunters

Week number…..I’ve lost count, but the theme for last week’s challenge was “Treasure”.  The first shot is my submission, but those after are of family and the day that surrounded the first “Treasure” shot.  My brother and sister-in-law surprised the younger kids with an Easter egg hunt and it is something they are still talking about today.

Molly Puppers.


Molly and Chuck.

First Friday Redux

This past weekend marked a second First Friday event in Adrian, MI.  I was able to capture some images of great kid art done at Adrian College’s Kids Art camp.  A camp my older daughter has participated in a few times and has asked to do it again!  I was really impressed, particularly with the glazed ceramic pieces!  The display of artwork was presented in the upstairs of Copeland Furniture.  The light was amazing in the late afternoon and was thinking I wouldn’t mind having it for my own studio!