Mother’s Day.

I have to track back a bit in order to get up to date and to keep my mildly OCD mind happy.  Mother’s Day is suppose to be a day of regaling your mother, or being regaled as a mother!  My husband was born right around Mother’s Day.  So, as the mother of 4, I get kicked to the side and have to share the glory of one’s birthday.  No big deal.

As I said before, I am the mother of 4 and have no immediate family living any closer than 2 hours away.  We can find sitters for an occasional night out, but an overnight-er?  Takes a lot of help and planning.  So that is what I did.  I got help and planned.  My husband’s sister offered to take the kids for the night and my mother-in-law helped me disguise what was happening with a few good lies and an easily deceived husband.

With the pretense of a family event, we headed 2 hours away, across the state to the west side.  After a few bumbling excuses about getting this or that, I got him to come with me and meander a bit.  It was when I refused to go  where he told me I needed to, was when I let him know I was a big fat liar and so was his mom.  He was sooo happy!  We headed to South Haven, on Lake Michigan.  Here are some pics of the places we went and the time we had.  Which was great, despite the rain.





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