Catch Up #2

I can’t believe I have to do a part 2 to this.  I promised myself I would not fall behind again.  Its a good thing I am so easy going.  I really only cared for a short bit.  Now if I promised someone else, well then I would have felt bad for a little bit longer than that.

So we missed about 3 weeks of challenge posts.  I did in fact take the photos, they just never made it to the blog.  Flickr yes, the blog, no….The first missed was the topic “Mother”.  Pretty simple.

The second was “Dirty”.  It could have gone in so many directions, but I am all about capturing my here and now and dislike contrivances. SO my here and now, dirty.


And lastly, “Motion”, which normally would have to be contrived, but this was happenstance.  I love happenstance.

I promise I won’t fall behind again, or at least until it happens again!

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