The Newest Un-Discovery

I came across some candy bars in the grocery store.  In a corner, all alone and only 89 cents.  They had 6 choices.  I chose 4.  I was cautious, assuming they would taste like cardboard.  I gave Rowen the peanut butter cups.  LuLu took the M&M style candies, I held onto the Milky Way and Snicker styles.  I never had a chance to taste the kids choices, like everything that resembles junk food, they were gone in a vacuum.  I paced myself.  One a day.  And OMG!!!!!!!  As I have aged, the amount of sugar in everything has increased and my stomach cannot handle a full sized candy bar.  This was shear joy!  A plethora of love exploding in my mouth.  My tastebuds danced like they were high at Burning Man.  Seriously.  The Snickers style is my favorite.  I went back to the store for a few more.  To hide.  I did not hide them well enough.  When I say hide, I mean hide from myself.  oops.  I ate them all, so quickly.

But seriously, check this out:

I am going to go out on a limb and say schnazzy packaging.  Very post-modern, with a bit of hipster sparkle.

But this is where it gets interesting.  Where my real delight begins:

Check out the ingredients.  You wonder why I say “un-discovery”?  Because they are called Unreal.  And look at all the un-ingredients. Un-junked.  You cannot see it from the image, but there are 5 grams of fiber.  Unbelievable.  Your farts will smell of chocolate.  What is better than that?



Underneath it all.

Underneath was the topic for the past week.  I took the pics on my phone and now cannot find the usb cord for my phone.  So we interrupt this blog post with a special, different interpretation of “underneath”.  Because I am a rebel “underneath” it all.  My mother never approved.

One weekend in the woods, on the river with one  my girlfriends, apparently,  puts hair on our chests.



No, I did not forget to post.  I could not.  I was in LA.  So,  “Memories” is the theme.  I was off making memories in a constant warm climate.  It involved a lot of sleeping, which I probably could have done in Cleveland, but the weather was better.  I saw this odd display that I had to capture and it looks like a mixed bag of memories.  Probably some pretty bad ones.