Victoria and Dana

Sometimes God creates opportunities, well always, but sometimes we actually act on those opportunities.  I met an incredible pair of people.  Incredible because of their life stories and the story they are now writing together.  Their paths in life were not the same, but they held one thing in common, hurt.  Whether it neglectfulness, physical and emotional abuse, or self inflicted, they had it.  When you hit the bottom of the barrel, there is no way but up. They both found themselves, and God, at Grace Center’s of Hope.  A place to rehabilitate your mind, body and soul.  A place where you are given a new lease on life and supported all they way through it and thereafter.  After they both had graduated from the program, they found each other.  Fell in love. Got married.  Through all the chaos of planning the wedding,they ditched it, eloped, but never had photographs to celebrate their love and their new lives.  So three years later, I was honored to spend time documenting all of that and more.  They adore each other and it is so obvious.Light shines brightly, life breathes life and love expands the soul.  Thank you Victoria and Dana!

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