Drive By Shootings

I have children.  4 of them. Ages 16, 11, 5 and 4.  And I am an artist.  Being an artist and having many young children makes creating restricted. I do not have my own studio, so I had to come up with ways to create without leaving a trace.  Not just because of messes, but because I did not want my children to get into anything.  When I received my camera 5 years ago I realized that I could create, have little mess, take it with me and even include them.

Some times the need to create comes upon you in strange places and odd times.  Having my camera with me helped me to have that outlet whenever the need arrived.  As a parent I find myself in the car.  A lot.  So I began placing my camera on my shoulder to capture what I saw and what the camera saw.  Here are some the first images that came out of this experiment.

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