Birthday Gifts

LuLu turned 4!  As many of my readers know, LuLu has been very obstinate about using the toilet.  If you are new to me, listen, she is my fourth kid.  All the others were nice and complacent and trainable.  And you have not met LuLu.  So, as a last ditch effort to get her to realize that she is going to half to get bigger, whether or not her or I like it, I let her know, very casually, that when she turns 4, she has to start wearing panties and use the potty.  I really did not believe in my method, but like i said, it was last ditch effort.  We may have mentioned this to her every other day, but certainly did not bombard her with this news, only when her birthday came up in conversation.  It must have come up enough for her to embroil this into part of the birthday festivities, because the day of her birthday she wore panties.  And has not looked back.  No accidents, no issues with No.2, no wet bed at night.  Seriously.  I totally got the best birthday present ever.  But I sure wish she would stay little a little bit longer……




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