Because I Cannot Contain It.

A few weeks before Christmas I spent a couple of Saturdays taking free portrait sessions for people of various walks of life.  The first  Saturday I spent downtown Pontiac taking pictures of families from an elementary school that our church mentors and helps out and for individuals and families of Grace Centers of Hope.   Grace Centers of Hope is a place for the homeless, the addicted and the hopeless to find new life.  I met some amazing people that day.  I will not post any images of these people, to protect their privacy and this post really isn’t about that at all.

This post starts, really with the second Saturday.  Awhile back I heard about this guy, Michael, who decided to move into a trailer park across the street from a dump.  He did this because he felt God telling him to.  And God made it all happen. I had the opportunity to meet Michael and many of his friends in the trailer park on that Saturday.  There were all sorts of characters I met, but Michael has the most lasting impression on me.  He has become a tutor, a big brother, a mentor and a life saver to so many people there.  He is a combination of Fozzy Bear, Animal and Kermit all rolled into one.  I am sure he would not relish in that comparison, but who doesn’t love the Muppets?   He is an inspiration and really just a totally rad dude.  Not just cool, but Radical.  Jesus was Radical.  can’t quite wrap your head around what Radical looks like?  Read Michael’s latest blog entry:

I told my husband recently that I just wanted to be a bit more Radical.  I think Michael will have to be my earthly representative of what that looks like.


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