Getting Back to Me.

As the new year progresses, I have thought more of what it is in my life that I want to change, or more so, what I want to realize.  I believe that the passions that we develop when we are younger are there for a divine purpose.  Everything within us is there because God wanted it to be, and He will use it for His good.  It has been hard for me to even consider that idea in the past, as I thought that my passions, my desires were really self-serving and that it was “un-Godly”.  I mean what purpose for the greater good of mankind can art or photography or French or becoming a Broadway star be?  When I started to recognize that the things that are innately in me are what I need to feed me, feed my soul, I recognized that Gods intention is not to restrain me, but to set me free.

Art can help someone in their dying days.  I have two pieces of art in a  Hospice Facility.  A friend, whose aunt recently passed at the facility, recognized my work.  I took over 40 free portraits this past Christmas to those who could not afford them.  I am still waiting on my big break on Broadway, so stayed tuned for that venture.  As for French, well, I can only hope to be able to use it in some way.

I remember when I was little of wanting to be several things, as all children do, we run through the gamete of ideas.  When I was 7, I wanted to become a nun.  That one only lasted 24 hours.  I was obsessed with Jacques Cousteau when I was 10.  I wanted to become a  marine biologist, then I realized I didn’t really like the ocean much.   I wanted to become an artist, and to be honest I never thought I would, but I am.  I also dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic, but without going into any dangerous places.  So, in the past months I have realized that I still want to be a photographer in the National Geographic style.  And maybe, God willing, I may get that opportunity in the shape of a documenting a mission trip, and if its to Haiti, then I can use my French!



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