Inauguration Day.

I like the fact that Inauguration day is on MLK day. It seems poignant that a black man should be sworn in, for the second time, as President of the United States on a day that we celebrate a man that did so much for that moment to be possible.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking of what could I do in 4 years.  It really needs to be stated, what do I want to do in 4 years?   Its hard to answer this question.  Its probably the hardest question I have had to ask myself in a long time.  And I am not sure if I can answer it.  We like to compartmentalize things into black and white, but as we are all aware of, its really the grey area that is the hub of life.  Where the black and white meet and churn like the sea and become a swirling mass of ideas, expectations, possibilities and hopes that we call reality.  So please give me a bit more time on this one, maybe 4 years.  I wish it were as easy as a 4 year presidential agenda, but for me its just not.  I am still working on my platform for running my race.  I hope I can get it done before the race is over!





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