Hands are for Helping….

I got a little side tracked this week, as my husband has been out of the country for 10 days, and my car broke down twice and I am broke and I spent some time rocking and drooling with all the noise these little humans that live with me make.  Was that a run on sentence?  Anyway, I am caught up, and decided that I have quite a few weeks to perfect my self portraits and I thought I would focus on one body part. ( What this really means is I need a haircut something fierce and I am having trouble figuring out how to do these things!)  So hands it is.  A single shot of my hands, not even greatly focused.  I have so much work to do.  Sigh.


On a completely different side note, I have some of my fabulous product endorsements coming soon!  I know, sooo exciting!


Crazy, radical, not so much….

When I ended the year, 2012, I was on a little kick, so to speak, about being “more awesome”!  It started a bit before elections and I thought everyone, myself including, should try to be a bit more awesome.    As 2012 was winding down and I was thinking of my “4 year plan”, I kept coming back to something someone, somewhere, at sometime mentioned.  They had mentioned that Jesus was never like most of us, he was radical.  Radical.  He hung out with the homeless, the drug addicts, the whores, the untouchables……He just did things most of us don’t.  I realized I needed to be a bit more radical.  Me?  I know.  Its shocking to think someone who is trying to be more awesome now needs to be radical, too.  Its like taking your soul to compete in the X-games.

BUT how does someone like me become a bit more radical without freaking everyone in her family and neighborhood out?  Baby steps.  So a challenge was placed at our church.  Last year a good number of people ran the Chicago Marathon and raised money for World Vision.  This year, the challenge is to run the Detroit Marathon and raise money for Hope Water Project, to bring fresh water to the people of Kenya.  I said, “That is pretty radical” and quickly jotted my name down.  I had close to 10 months to prepare for this.  I can do it!  I know I can!  I just need to get my hip problem resolved.  (I have had some issues with it for the last 6-8 months).  After my MRI and arthogram came back with multiple labral tears and impingement, my PT said, “absolutely not.”  And with great humility, I reveal that I was sooooo relieved!  Just because I can does not mean I want to, and now that I can’t, it is such a relief.  For some this is a catalyst to get them moving, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually and that is great.  We all have our race to run, mine is just not on the streets of Detroit.  But I can guarantee I will be down there taking photos and stopping at the DIA.

I know radical is out there, somewhere for me, and I know that God has a specific plan that is probably pretty rad, I just need to be patient and wait for it.  I think if we are willing, He will make us able.  In the meantime, I will continue to be more awesome, try to get my soul in radical x-game shape and keep moving forward.