Was I Out of My League?

I never win anything.  I mean rarely am I the winner.  I have yet to even win a dollar from a lottery ticket.  But last month I did.  I called into a radio station and won two concert tickets to see Capital Cities and Fitz and the Tantrums.  The concert was a month away and I foolishly thought that getting a babysitter on a Sunday night wouldn’t be that difficult.  My husband and I could finally have a date night!  yay!

Yeah, well, no babysitter meant no date night, but maybe I could find a friend to go last minute……crickets chirp…….so I was left with a very uncomfortable feeling.  I never win anything.  I can’t afford to pay for concert tickets, it’s a frivolity that our budget doesn’t always allow.  So, do I dare go to a concert downtown Detroit alone?  I hated that I was missing it yet I could feel the resignation of a life less lived settling in, an all too familiar feeling……I have always thought about the regrets in my life as mostly things I wish I had done.  I hope to teach my children that as well….to ask yourself “Will I regret this if I do not do it?”  So I had to ask myself the same thing.  And the answer was yes.

So I go.  I weasel my way up as close as I can without being squished and possibly groped by a desperate hipster who has mistaken me for a cougar. Meow.  I could not have found a better spot as I sidled myself up next to a few ladies and proceeded to enjoy the music.  I realized I was getting old as I wished for a place to sit in between sets and my back started to ache.  I also noticed that I was really listening to the music and enjoying its capabilities to transport me.  The hornist (is that a proper term?) for Capital Cities was phenomenal and sounds just as good live, if not better than on the track.  Here is a little taste:


Don’t believe me?  Here it is live from the concert I was at, and no that is not me singing.


The horns reminded me of the olden days of Duran Duran and the Rio album.  Sublime.

But the headliner is who got me going and who got me to call in to the radio station to begin with.  The female vocalist is amazing and soulful and lyrically they got it right on!


And one more….because the lead guy reminds me of the 80’s. Love.


What most impressed me was how incredible both bands sounded live.  Maybe even better than on the radio.  There are a few artists that I have heard live and found them just as good if not better then on the radio.  It is a sure sign of true talent in my opinion.  So no regrets.  I danced by myself amongst a bunch of 20 somethings and it felt great.  Thankful in my old age that what anyone thought of me was far behind me and yeah, I would totally do it again.

Breaking Amish

How exactly did I get this busy?  I never finished blogging about summer and along comes fall.  It’s November 4th already???  Well, I will tell you one thing.  If I have not been very proficient in my blogging, I have been proficient in doing one thing.  Each month, I am for mid-month, I bake/make something.  Something I may have never done before, or something I have not done in a long time.  I started the adventure  in september with bread making.  it was an overall success, if not boulangerie worthy.  I didn’t take pictures of the process, but enjoyed it enough to try it again and will document it when I get time to do it.

This past month I attempted applesauce.  we took our annual trip to an apple orchard and plundered the trees to bring home a 1/2 a bushel of apples.  I won’t talk about how many we ate while out in the field….

Applepick Applepicks2 Applespicks1 Kids LuLu AppleNow the applesauce recipes I read all stated that one would peel the apples as part of the preparation.  However, my dear friend whom grew up in Eastern Germany, (yes they used to be divided and a communist state!) stated that once they are cooked, the skin will easily come right off when you press the pulp through the sieve. Hmmm….. well I am perpetually lazy so no peeling! So this is how it all went down……

ApplesFirst you get a bag o’apples, about 4 pounds worth.

Apples2Let them soak for 10 minutes in a mixture of cold water and vinegar-to clean them.

Apples3Slice and core. Slice and core. Slice and core….

Apples4Toss them in the pot.

Apples5Add cinnamon stick, sugar, dark brown sugar, lemon peel and lemon juice.

Apples6Bring to a boil and then lower to simmer, covered for 20-30 minutes.

Apples7Scoop and pour and smash and pull out skin and smoosh and sigh a lot.

Apples8pour into jars.  The end.


Overall, applesauce making is sticky.  If you are not Amish, perhaps you should avoid this.  If you enjoy peeling apples maybe you are Amish.