A Whole Foods Experience.

Sunday I had the pleasure of having time to grocery shop at a leisurely pace.  I really hate grocery shopping on Sundays because of all the people doing the same exact thing, but I decided that since I had time, I could relax a bit and take my time.  I began my adventure at Aldi.  I know what your thinking-Aldi?  Is that not for poor people?  And I say, a.) poor people need to eat, too.  b.) Aldi  is also owned by Trader Joe’s  *gasp* c.)  Aldi’s is all over Germany, as it is owned by a German and they are all over the world.  You even have to use a euro to get a cart, just like a quarter here.  So Aldi, is very cultured and finally d.) Aldi is where I get my honeyed goat cheese.  You do remember this post, right? https://kmpinkel.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1505&action=edit

Well, anyway, I decided to travel to Whole Foods to see if it really was more expensive than buying organic elsewhere, and its right next to Trader Joe’s and we were all out of wine.  Let me just tell you this, and maybe I am the only one who was blind to this, but I thought Whole Foods only sold organic food!  I was walking around-and if anyone knows the wonderful scent they use at the entryway, please tell me.  It’s not the flowers, as the one I was in did not have the flowers right at the front.  Anyway, I was walking around and saw the orange juice I buy at Meijer at Whole Foods.  Only at Whole Foods it was $1.50 more.  The prices of the organics was more expensive, well actually everything was more expensive.  Some things were not so high, as compared to Meijer, but others were off the charts.  One thing it certainly has, and why its such a success is its ambiance.  I like being in there, its cozy, its rich in colors, it smells good!  You can get all sorts of natural supplements and essential oils that you cannot get at Meijer or Kroger.  And you cannot get this:


There were plenty of choices of these great little solid perfumes, with divine scents.  I had it narrowed down to three, but French Lilac lost out to these ones.  Why not splurge for all three?  they were $8.99 a piece-I already splurged!


Next I ran to Trader Joe’s for my case of 2 buck Chuck.  It happens to be Chuck’s 10th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary!  I also discovered that their organic prices are much more comparative to Meijer’s and in some cases, cheaper.  But for a family of 6, I could not conceivably buy all my groceries from there.  Half the store is booze.  I think it’s geared for the kidless, or the one’s whose kids have driven them to drink.  Oops!  That might be me, I did grab a CASE OF WINE!!!!

Next I screwed my head back on straight and went to Meijer and finished it all out.  My only observation at Meijer was, once again, most of the organics have sold out.  I had to go back last night to get the rest of my veggies.  I think Meijer is missing the boat on this one, as well as Kroger’s.  If you beef up your organic sections, keep your prices lower than Whole Foods, you will gain a whole new market.  But that’s just my opinion.

Hemmingway, Where Art Thou?

As you may know, you may have read about it here: https://kmpinkel.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/thursday-reveal-2/. I have a bit of a problem finding shoes; to fit, like, don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Normally, I hate going into a store like DSW.  You walk in and there are just rows upon rows of shoes.  Never organized by size.  If you do not have an average shoe size, you might as well just sit down and cry before you even start to look.  My years of shopping have taught me something.  Clearance is your best friend, particularly in a shoe store.  Everything is placed according to size.  Its like heaven.  Rarely do I find great things, but one fine day, early February when the temperature was tricking us all to think it was April, I headed to DSW to take a quick look.  That spring air makes me want to shop.  And Lord knows my closet is pathetic.  Every single individual in my household owns more clothes than I do.  And most of mine have the word “sweat” involved in it.  This is not me.  Its not the girl I once was, nor that I want to be.  So, when I found these particular shoes I felt like fashion fairies had just been let loose from a long imprisonment and were there specifically over me, as an act of repentance for neglecting me for so long.  They are forgiven.

If you know me personally, you know I have a thing for France and many things french.  I am not sure if these derived from French roots, but when I was in the south of France I swore I would have a pair.  They are like exotic toe shoes, made for me to dance the cobblestone streets of Antibes.  Oh Hemmingway, where are you when I need you?

And what was the icing on the cake?  They were 80% off.  I paid $10 bucks for these lovely shoes.  If you see an odd woman dancing down the sidewalk in espardilles, I’d wager its me.


Deal of the Day!

Since I moved up to Lake Orion, I have no place to take my unwanted clothing items.  Normally I would pass stuff onto friends and such, or go tot eh local Goodwill.  Well, there is not a Goodwill very close by, but there is a consignment shop.  Its a bit of a dichotomy for a store, because its like two stores.  The children’s store is called “Twice Blessed” and the woman’s side is called “Divas on Broadway”.  Both are great shops, and regardless of what clothing you have consigned, children’s or woman’s, your credit is at either shop.  Awesome.  So, need less to say I was in the other day looking for a pair of snowpants for the littlest one, which I found, along with a few other things.

I have to admit that in my aging process I have become a quality over quantity kind of girl.  Most particularly in regards to shoes and handbags.  So when I saw this great little leather purse, perfect for anytime, any season I had to get it.  The only draw back is that I can’t zip it with my camera in it.  Minor setback in the world of “Kimberly Thinks She has a Fashion Style”.  But best of all…wait for it…it was only $15.00!  All leather, Banana Republic hand bag for $15.00!!!    Score one for the easily impressed!