Cappy in Corktown

W spent a fabulous Saturday in Detroit this past weekend.  Sharing some food and laughs with some old and new friends.  There is a magic about Detroit that I have yet find in other places.  I am sure has something to do with the stories of a magical, fantastical Detroit told to me by my grandmother.  She was born in 1911, in Grosse Pointe Farms, back when it was actually farms.  There was not a whole lot of prestige related to Grosse Pointe Farms during that time, not like now, but heading to Detroit was THE thing to do.  She had grand stories of the Hudson’s department store, with their special doormen, the thrill of her first job at the ripe age of 15 on the 14th floor of the GM building, dances on Belle Isle.  Yeah I am pretty sure it is because of her and  maybe a little bit of Eminem and a Chrysler commercial.

We started our day at the DIA.  We headed to see Rembrandt’s Faces of Jesus exhibit.  It’s incredible for me, as an artist, to see a master up close and personal.  It  reminds me of my shortcomings but more so of my potential.  The  small portion of history in Amsterdam during this period was pretty interesting too.

Following our walk with the greatness of Rembrandt and Jesus, we headed to Corktown to get some Detroit BBQ!

Seriously, this is the door to Slow’s.

From the inside!

A full menu of BBQ fave’s, from pulled pork to brisket, and your choice of all sorts of tangy sauces to indulge your palate.

And you cannot be in Corktown, without your cappy, now can you?

New and old friends.

Yes, I totally take my camera everywhere-this picture does not do the loo justice.

We arrived a bit early for lunch, but the place was packed and jumping by the time we headed out, back into the light!

The view from Slow’s.  Most of you know that Corktown was where the Irish immigrants settled in Detroit.  As you can see from the picture, its south east of downtown.  Slow’s is right on Michigan Ave, just past Wabash.  I just read in a National Geographic Traveller excerpt about the author re-visitng his hometown of Detroit and going to Slow’s and the coffee shop close by-which we did-you get to see those pics tomorrow!  If you want to read the excerpt, I linked it on my Facebook page!