Summer Synopsis, I

Hello out there!!!!  Oh my goodness, I had no idea how long it has been since I was actually posting.  What happened to me?  Oh yes, I remember, life.  Not an overwhelmingly exciting full of exotic adventure, but just rather life.

I hope everyone was able to squeeze out all the joy of summer and then can some for mid January.  This is the first back to school year where I really was not super organized.  I made up for it in a weeks time, but I guess my heart was not in it.  However, the last two weeks of summer, with my kids staring at me,  with an occasional wide eyed blink, made me realize that perhaps they needed to be at school.  Or somewhere else.

Our summer did not have a grand vacation, but rather a couple of adventures.  I had a couple of my own, as well.  We had too many to just sum up in one post, so I will inundate you, repeatedly, with antics of our summer.  Aren’t you lucky???

School’s out and Rowen has a birthday and a piano recital. We have a neighborhood pool party and India wraps up her gymnastics career.

_DSC0436 _DSC0446

Say hello to Enderman.  enderman, say hello to everyone!



_DSC0449 _DSC0457


_DSC0551 _DSC0553

Not sure if he looks more like Mozart or Beethoven….


_DSC0635 _DSC0651 _DSC0653 _DSC0681


This guy, or girl, hung around most of the summer in one of our flower beds.  The one right next to the driveway, where I park my car and when I would get out in the evening  he would scamper around inside the leaves and scare the crap out of me.  I am pretty sure he was giving just what he was getting.  Touche, little turtle.



Olympic hopefuls can now relax, Miss India is opting to head back to horseback riding.




Stay tuned for when the excitement never ends……

Where am I?

In an effort to familiarize myself with my new home area, I took a drive out in the middle of nowhere.  Where I came upon this campground type of park, with a lake and a very large clubhouse or something of the sort.  The odd thing was that it was so far out in the middle of nowhere.  But it looks like it could be a great place to go to in the summer.  I better look this one up.

What do you think?


Deal of the Day!

Since I moved up to Lake Orion, I have no place to take my unwanted clothing items.  Normally I would pass stuff onto friends and such, or go tot eh local Goodwill.  Well, there is not a Goodwill very close by, but there is a consignment shop.  Its a bit of a dichotomy for a store, because its like two stores.  The children’s store is called “Twice Blessed” and the woman’s side is called “Divas on Broadway”.  Both are great shops, and regardless of what clothing you have consigned, children’s or woman’s, your credit is at either shop.  Awesome.  So, need less to say I was in the other day looking for a pair of snowpants for the littlest one, which I found, along with a few other things.

I have to admit that in my aging process I have become a quality over quantity kind of girl.  Most particularly in regards to shoes and handbags.  So when I saw this great little leather purse, perfect for anytime, any season I had to get it.  The only draw back is that I can’t zip it with my camera in it.  Minor setback in the world of “Kimberly Thinks She has a Fashion Style”.  But best of all…wait for it…it was only $15.00!  All leather, Banana Republic hand bag for $15.00!!!    Score one for the easily impressed!