Against the Wind

And so the adventure began.  we travelled across the Mackinaw bridge under a wind advisory.  We were only allowed to drive 20 mph over one of the longest suspension bridges.  It is amazing how oblivious of potential death kids can be.  I was acutely aware.  So much so i was sure I was going to throw up.  Obviously we survived and hit up a meet and greet with Paul Bunyan and his great ox Blue



Like I stated in my previous post, the weather had turned to a brisk 64 degrees fahrenheit.  However, it did not deter us!  Next stop?  Tahquamenon Falls!

_DSC0343 _DSC0346 _DSC0348 _DSC0366 _DSC0370


Since it wasn’t getting any warmer and we were already in the upper peninsula, we drove a little bit further north and headed to Whitefish Point on Lake Superior. It was incredibly windy, choppy and cold.  As we are true adventurers, it did not deter us!  Rowen even met a little friend!

_DSC0387 _DSC0384 _DSC0389 _DSC0397 _DSC0402 _DSC0404 _DSC0427 _DSC0428 _DSC0434 _DSC0436 _DSC0440We wrapped up our day and headed back south.  Along the way you could really feel the isolation and the “wilderness” of the UP.  we dd not see much for wildlife besides some cranes along the side of the road, however, this left an impression:

porcupineI call this image “Porcupine’s Revenge”.  Dead porcupine and a car with two flat tires. Ha!



One of my favorite images.

We headed back over the Mighty Mac and got back to camp in time for an enchanting sunset.  Thankfully the wind advisory was done and I was able to take some pics of the bridge.

_DSC0464 _DSC0480 _DSC0487 _DSC0490 _DSC0518 _DSC0519 _DSC0526Good night!






Summer Adventure Continues……

So we continue on the odyssey of the solo camping trip with the children…….  This is LuLu helping set up the tent._DSC0205



Not too bad if I say so myself…..

_DSC0237Our first moring!



_DSC0215Our view…..



_DSC0236Our neighbors.  We need to get that one next time!


We took in some beach time…



And a bit of putt putt…





The next night was the night of the thunderstorms.  The thunder woke me about 1:00 am and by 2:00 am I had to go to the bathroom really, really, really bad.  So I got up and braved the elements to pee int he woods, only to find it lightly misting, so I bolted to the bathroom.  Of course, when I got back the rain and thunder had stopped, but the wind kicked in.  I was sure that we were going to be blown away.  I was awake until 5:30 am.  We got up the next morning and it was 52 degrees out and this is what LuLu thought would be good to wear!

_DSC0311But the sky was blue and held the promise for an adventurous day ahead!






Autumn, Fall…..

This past week Autumn was the theme.  Autumn, Fall….Fall, Autumn….why are there two ways to call this season?  Who came up with this?  Is Autumn the elitist form and Fall for the vernacularly challenged?  I’ll let you decide.  Its an easy week.  I have multiples images for this one!

Warts and all….

Some times I feel like this gourd.  Well, lots of times.  On first impression the gourd is warty, funky colored, not ideal.  I feel like that, too.  Seems I have always been the ugly friend, the “wingman” , the less refined, the socially inept, the chubby one, the one that had a lot of dreams but fears got in the way.  The B+, not the A.  The too needy, like a dog begging for attention or a child wishing for affirmation.  Yes, this is what I think about in the shower, during yoga, while laying in bed at night, while driving my car, while doing things with my kids-I am just not good enough.  But, this gourd is.  He, I will assume “he” as it is sexless, grows from a vine, and when complete, he is cut and sold.  As is, for seasonal decoration, then discarded.   On the brighter side of this, I took the picture because I liked his warts, his coloring, his overall funkiness.  I’m not sure, but I will venture someone else does too.


It was recently said, that in order to shine a light into the world, you have to start by shining a light in yourself.  So, do not think I am some self loathing individual,  I am just shedding some light inside to the corners and finding things that have been living there.  They seem to be blocking some major arteries of life for me and I just need to figure out how to flush the system clean.

Spring 2012

Week 12 of the photo challenge’s theme was “spring”.  I have to admit, I took 3 pics, did not like any of them, but decided to go with this one:

It was cropped and tweeked with some focal work.  Like I said, its not great by any means.  But I have noticed that the level of greatness is either by chance or by effort.  There was no effort put in.  Next weeks theme is a bit more interesting and I think I will be putting a bit more into it!  Stay tuned!