Don’t get too excited, its nothing deeply revealing, but I kind of feel like I am cheating.  When I decided to start my self portraits work, I expected that each week I would take one and be done.  Well, truth is, I started one week and took a whole bunch and have taken very few since then.  All of the ones I have posted have been from the first day I took them.  But honestly, each one I have selected has been just right for my posts.  Take this weeks post, it completely represents how I feel at the end of this month.  Not really wanting to look.  January started with a death, continued with other deaths, not directly related to me, but deaths nonetheless.  Two divorces of friends and the foreclosure of our house.  I pray February gets better, but I still have two more days of January left.  let me know when its safe to come out.


A New Year

In the chaos and excitement of the holidays, my time, energy and blog went by the wayside.  I spent a lot of time just thinking about what I want to change this year.  I heard the question, “what can you do in 4 years?”  I found it intriguing, as there is so much you can do in 4 years.  I am hoping to compile a list of what I would like to achieve in 4 years and have it ready by inauguration day.  I figure that is a good way to gauge my progress.  Me and Barak can compare notes and monkey wrenches.

One thing I am sure of, that I intend to do, is start another photo challenge for myself.  It is  52 self portraits.  I heard once that if you want to take good portraits, you need to be able to take a good self portrait.  But, another reason is that I am struggling a bit through the self image/aging process.  I don’t mind getting older in the mental and emotional sense, but I am struggling with myself physically.  I plucked 7 grey hairs out, I know I am lucky to be 42 and just starting to get grey hairs, but when your hair is one of your best features and it starts to fade, my spirit wanes a bit as well.  I am struggling to lose 15-20 pounds that keep re-appearing and staying longer than I like.  So, this challenge is a bit of an attempt to get all Jillian Michaels in your face and start accepting what I cannot change, change what I can  and embrace it all.  That and getting a better grip on lighting and figuring out how my stinking self timer works.

Here is my first self-portrait, and yes, I know my brows need to be trimmed and shaped.  I have yet to find someone to do them and do them well around these parts.



Happy New Year!

Negative Spaces

What, did you think this was going to be something about politics and people and how its just been very sad to see how this has brought the worst out in so many. And the fact that its not as if my life’s happiness and success depend on who is in office. It should never, regardless of personal situations, be a dictation of how well you live.  Well, its not a post about that at all.  It is the last challenge I received. Negative Space.  So I came up with a few.

And because I see nothing positive about this space:

I hope you voted!

Left Behind….


I am so behind in this photo challenge.  But it turns out I have been the only one doing it, so they just quit.  The last three were long exposure (which I could not figure out how to do without my tripod as one of my kids ran off with a crucial piece of it, you know that piece that actually attaches the camera to the tripod?).  So this is what I got.  It looks like I was drunk and howling at the moon.  But I would like to note, as I try to redeem myself, these are reflections of the moon on the water.  I was actually making an effort in doing something slightly out of the box.


Romance was the name of the game for this weeks photo shoot.  I was at an art show all weekend and was finding nothing romantic about it at all.   Cold, stormy, windy, did I mention cold?  Sunday brought on some sun, and a family shoot.   Not a romantic one, but I found the perfect spot for a wedding and wedding photos.  Close enough to romance for me!


No, I did not forget to post.  I could not.  I was in LA.  So,  “Memories” is the theme.  I was off making memories in a constant warm climate.  It involved a lot of sleeping, which I probably could have done in Cleveland, but the weather was better.  I saw this odd display that I had to capture and it looks like a mixed bag of memories.  Probably some pretty bad ones.