I’d like to thank Mother nature for her kindness and gift of light this past week.  I do hope that she is just as forthcoming this week as last.  While I am still working on the whole self timer thing and finding my “window”, I believe I have made some progress.  I can still totally pick out all the things I am unhappy about, I am more satisfied then I have been.


Must Be the Mercury.

I skipped a week.  For multiple reasons, but I am going with mercury being in retrograde.  No seriously, it is, and apparently that is why my car is dead, I have computer issues and I have not been on time with my weekly post.  That and that I did not do my self portrait last week because I was feeling like an ugly failure.  We will call it mercury poisoning.

In any case, I did another self portrait.  I am struggling with setting up the self timer and making sure the thing is focused in the right spot and that I am in the said right spot.  Frustrating.  I have been having a hard time with the cruel Michigan winter that has everyone counting down the days until the spring solstice.  Is that when mercury gets out of retrograde?  I hope so.

So here is my result.  So far in this process I am discovering how little I really know about my camera and how I really do not really like my appearance.  I knew going into this that it would be much more than learning to take better portraits, but I am not sure how much self reflecting I am up for.  Or maybe its just the mercury talking….


Inauguration Day.

I like the fact that Inauguration day is on MLK day. It seems poignant that a black man should be sworn in, for the second time, as President of the United States on a day that we celebrate a man that did so much for that moment to be possible.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking of what could I do in 4 years.  It really needs to be stated, what do I want to do in 4 years?   Its hard to answer this question.  Its probably the hardest question I have had to ask myself in a long time.  And I am not sure if I can answer it.  We like to compartmentalize things into black and white, but as we are all aware of, its really the grey area that is the hub of life.  Where the black and white meet and churn like the sea and become a swirling mass of ideas, expectations, possibilities and hopes that we call reality.  So please give me a bit more time on this one, maybe 4 years.  I wish it were as easy as a 4 year presidential agenda, but for me its just not.  I am still working on my platform for running my race.  I hope I can get it done before the race is over!



Autumn, Fall…..

This past week Autumn was the theme.  Autumn, Fall….Fall, Autumn….why are there two ways to call this season?  Who came up with this?  Is Autumn the elitist form and Fall for the vernacularly challenged?  I’ll let you decide.  Its an easy week.  I have multiples images for this one!

Part of the Picture

That is the theme for this past week.  Sometimes I need guidelines.  Does this mean I crop a picture and then post it, do I crop the subject and only photograph part of it, or do I take a photo of part of another image….Anyways, I had a photo shoot for some wonderfully deserving people.  Who through adversity in their lives came together and fell in love and are enjoying a new lease on life.  their wedding turned into a whirlwind.  Quick, inexpensive and done.  With no images.  They have no true portraits of themselves.  So, I found this among my images.  It does not tell the whole story, its only part of the story, of those moments that I was capturing.  But isn’t that what photographs are suppose to be?  Storytellers?  Instead of “Part of the Picture”, I am going with part of the story….

Underneath it all.

Underneath was the topic for the past week.  I took the pics on my phone and now cannot find the usb cord for my phone.  So we interrupt this blog post with a special, different interpretation of “underneath”.  Because I am a rebel “underneath” it all.  My mother never approved.

One weekend in the woods, on the river with one  my girlfriends, apparently,  puts hair on our chests.