Must Be the Mercury.

I skipped a week.  For multiple reasons, but I am going with mercury being in retrograde.  No seriously, it is, and apparently that is why my car is dead, I have computer issues and I have not been on time with my weekly post.  That and that I did not do my self portrait last week because I was feeling like an ugly failure.  We will call it mercury poisoning.

In any case, I did another self portrait.  I am struggling with setting up the self timer and making sure the thing is focused in the right spot and that I am in the said right spot.  Frustrating.  I have been having a hard time with the cruel Michigan winter that has everyone counting down the days until the spring solstice.  Is that when mercury gets out of retrograde?  I hope so.

So here is my result.  So far in this process I am discovering how little I really know about my camera and how I really do not really like my appearance.  I knew going into this that it would be much more than learning to take better portraits, but I am not sure how much self reflecting I am up for.  Or maybe its just the mercury talking….