Like the Ten Commandments Without the Guilt.

Like the Ten Commandments, but without all the guilt….is a phrase I heard early in the week that started making me think about this.  And I discovered that we are wrong.  Churches and even parents teach children the Old Testament before the New Testament.  Yes, they all teach “Jesus loves YOU!” , but what seems to be taught right after Noah, Moses and Adam and Eve, are the Ten Commandments.  The concern here is that these stories all have to do with judgement.  The scripture is taught in regards to obedience and lack of obedience, which certainly have their place, but become the platform on which we try to teach God’s love.


Now if you know anything about the Bible, you know that Jesus returns to the Ten Commandments when He preaches  the Sermon on the Mount.  At which He points out that looking at a woman lustfully is the same as adultery, wishing bad things upon your brother is the same as murder and so on….Leading to the end conclusion that living the Ten Commandments purely is impossible in our mortal, selfish, sinful lives.  He also states when asked which commandment is the most important and He clearly states that to love God, your almighty creator, with all of your heart and soul and to love your brother as you love yourself.  Why is this first not taught, imbedded, ingrained into each and every human being that is learning about God?  If you do those two things to the best of your ability how can any of us go wrong?  How can anyone walk into our livers, for no matter how long, and not feel loved?


I believe the teachings of anything before this just hard wires us to be judgmental.  Judgmental of ourselves and others, in a society that thrives on judgement.  It is Pharisaic in nature and everything Jesus stood against.  Oh the guilt and shame and the guilt of feeling shame…its a long twisted, knotty road we walk where we constantly trip ourselves up and ultimately deny ourselves joy and love.  That just sucks.


I heard this song last night, and i had heard it before, but I really listened to the words and realized this is what I am about when it comes to God.  I really wish all of you humans, myself included would get out of my way, it would be a lot easier.