This past weeks challenge was “muse”.  This was difficult in regards to which muse do I choose?  My children, my surroundings, art, my life…..So, I just browsed through all my shots for the week and picked one of my favorites.  Enjoy!



One thing you can count on in summer are the county fairs!  We headed back to our “old” home and hit the local fair.  The animals, the rides and this time, Toby Mac.   Had a great time with my kids and got some great photos.   And some not so great ones.  We will start with the animals.  Enjoy!



Shelf was the theme for the week.  I planned to dig a hole to China with a plastic spoon in order to get to one of the earth’s shelves, but was really busy and forgot to buy the plastic spoons.  However, I was able to grab a few shots of some wildflowers sitting on a shelf in my home.  I have been playing with some effects in Picasa and like how this looked.  Queen Anne’s lace is something I remember from childhood.  My grandma’s had a lot of it, if I remember correctly, so the effect had an older feel that seemed to bring it a bit closer to home than just on my shelf.



Sometimes there are places you go, places where you have never been, that feel like you’ve been there forever.  That hundreds of lives have been lived and love and joy spread through the cracks and the beams and the air.  My friend Aimee’s family cottage is a place just like that.  Everything is old, yet everything is filled with life.  Everything in it a found treasure, or something discarded but given new purpose.

A place where around every corner, a surprise awaits.

Where treasures are found…..

And where the sun sets slowly, as if it does not want the day to end anymore than you do.

Sometimes you find that kind of place.  And when you do, you realize its not the place as much as it the people.  Love you, Aimo!





10 Minutes from Home.

This has to be my favorite picture I have taken so far.  10 minutes from home.


I heard an amazing mash up this morning and as I was editing the photo I was listening to it.  They just fit, somehow, to me.  Violins always make me cry.